MITSUBISHI S-XT20LA Bulb Lamp part number: S-XT20LA

For your projector MITSUBISHI S-XT20LA, we can only offer a generic bare bulb, meaning a bare bulb without housing. A generic lamp without housing is usually made by one of the lesser-known manufacturers. It does not always match the quality of an original lamp, although it is usually much cheaper.

Lamp without housing MITSUBISHI S-XT20LA
Lamp part number: S-XT20LA

MITSUBISHI S-XT20LA Lamp without housing

Replacing a bare bulb in the original projector lamp housing is more challenging than replacing the entire lamp housing. We offer only the generic bare bulb option without the lamp housing.

VIDEO - replacement of a bare bulb without housing

Bare bulb options

  • Generic lamp without housing

    The MITSUBISHI S-XT20LA generic lamp is a bare bulb without plastic housing and is produced by an authorised manufacturer of generic bulbs. Keep in mind that replacing the bulb in the housing requires manual skills and tools. It is the cheapest option recommended for in-home use, where projection quality and reliability are not as crucial. Even though generic bulbs are not necessarily of the same quality as original manufacturer bulbs, their price nevertheless is very attractive.

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